Gmail adds a predictive type feature called Smart Compose

Gmail adds a predictive type feature called Smart Compose

Gmail adds a predictive type feature called Smart Compose

'Email makes it easy to share information with just about anyone-friends, colleagues and family-but drafting a message can take some time, ' a statement from Google reads. The feature follows up on Smart Reply in Gmail that was introduced a year ago.

Called Smart Compose, the feature is essentially an extension of the Smart Reply feature, the only difference being that now it will assist you with composing emails.

Google Smart Compose suggests phrases and words based on precedent as well as context. For instance, if the subject says "Taco Tuesday", Smart Compose will offer word suggestions such as guacamole and chips in the body. If you want to go with the suggestion, you can hit tab to select it, and the text will auto-populate. The recently revamped Gmail has a new capability: help people while they compose email drafts. It also reduces the chance of spelling and grammatical errors, while also suggesting relevant contextual phrases.

If you find any, be sure to mark them as "spam" so that they appear in the designated folder. To check if you've got access, you'll first need to enable the new Gmail.

If you're on a consumer Gmail account, you can access the new feature now by first enabling the new Gmail (Settings Try the new Gmail) and then finding the general tab, and enabling "experimental access".

It's the email soul mate you never knew you wanted.

Google seems to think email would be great again if only it didn't involve any of that pesky typing on your part.

The tech giant also had made other major announcements at I/O 2018 that intends for simplifying the users' life with the help of new AI-enabled features.

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