BC tests emergency alerts after failures in Ont., Que

BC tests emergency alerts after failures in Ont., Que

BC tests emergency alerts after failures in Ont., Que

No alerts were registered on devices in Quebec.

Nova Scotian cell phones are expected to beep and buzz at 1:55 p.m Wednesday as a test of the Alert Ready system is sent out. For further information go to www.emergencyinfobc.gov.bc.ca.

There was also anecdotal evidence that not everyone received the alert.

Jennifer Wood, Program Coordinator for Grande Prairie Regional Emergency Partnership says today's alert is just a test, but it will get people prepared if there ever is a real one.

But according to CRTC, today's tests will still take place as per the original schedule.

"We're testing this technology for the first time today to give British Columbians the opportunity to see first-hand how the new system works, and make sure that their devices are compatible", Farnworth said. Regulations require all Canadian wireless service providers to distribute emergency alerts.

While B.C. saw its fair share of emergencies previous year, including a record-breaking wildfire season and widespread flooding, the alert system will only be initially used in B.C.to warn of incoming tsunamis. The messages were sent automatically at no cost to cellphone users.

It was tested in Quebec and Ontario Monday, and if there had been a real emergency, the system would have failed.

Depending on your service provider, the alert should appear on your phone screen along with a sound, unless your phone is on vibrate or silent mode.

In order to receive alerts, mobile phones must be connected to a cellular network, be alert-compatible and within the alert area.

Pelmorex - which operates the system - says all Alert Ready partners are working together to investigate the test alert results.

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